Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DB2 on Campus Program - How it started

DB2 Express-C, the free edition of DB2 was announced on January of 2006. Given that I was traveling to Brazil to deliver training to IBM Business Partners, I took this as an opportunity to promote DB2 Express-C, and pureXML technology at universities in Brazil.

My visit coincided with riots taking place in Sao Paulo, and I almost had to return to Canada!. Fortunately the situation improved, and I was able to visit 5 universities in the area. Organizing these events required a lot of planning from the local team, so canceling last minute would have been a big problem.

The presentations were very successful. The IBM Brazil team did an amazing job to get a great audience for the presentations (close to 500), and I was glad I received comments like "This was a very interesting presentation. I normally don't stay for the entire duration of a presentation, but I really enjoyed this one!". From my part, one of the things I like the best about Brazil is the people!. They are very hospitable, happy and kind.

I started blogging about "DB2 on Campus" in the DB2 Express-C blog but from now on, I will be blogging here since it's more specific to DB2 on Campus activities.

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Cheers, Raul.

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