Thursday, July 24, 2008

Networking: The key to finding the job you want!

When I was a student, I attended several seminars to learn how to find a job after graduation. Several of these seminars indicated that "Networking" was the number one method of landing the perfect job at the company you dreamed to work for. Now that I work for IBM, in a job I really enjoy, I can confirm this is very true. When I deliver presentations to students, I also provide them with hints about finding work, and I often say:

"Don't wait until you graduate to apply for jobs. Don't just send your resume by email or regular mail to the Human Resources department of a company. Instead, take advantage of visits from company employees (like me!) to network and get good contacts."

On some occasions, many students would approach me after the presentation, and indeed try to network with me. Surprisingly though, in most universities I visited, students are shy, and only one or two approach me after the presentation. But these one or two students, are the ones who eventually become DB2 Student Ambassadors, and in some cases end up being hired by IBM! So... network! network! network!

Cheers, Raul.

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