Saturday, September 13, 2008

DB2 on Campus faculty training successfully ends in ASEAN

After 3 intense weeks in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand, I'm glad to report that 115 teachers and teaching assistants have been trained on DB2 (2-day hands-on workshop). Three sessions were held in Vietnam with teachers from 13 universities. I also had a interesting experience of getting a ride on motorcycle by a teacher to go for lunch!...truly the Vietnamese way of getting around the city! In Indonesia (picture to the right) there was one 2-day session for 2 universities at IBM Indonesia training center. One of the universities participating in the training was Binus university (21 teachers & assistants participated in the class). Binus will be teaching DB2 on a 15-weeks course to 500+ students (8 classes of about 65 people each). The course will include 13 theory sessions and 6 hands-on labs and a final project. The first part of the course will cover DB2 Fundamentals (Based on the Getting Started with DB2 Express-C free book), and those who pass the mid-term with 75% or more will be invited to participate in the DB2 Elite for Academics offering where they can write the IBM DB2 Exam 730 for free. To prepare for the exam, the students are left with homework where they have to complete the DB2 Exam 730 Tutorials available in developerWorks. The second part of the course is on DB2 application development using Java and PHP. The materials for this class will be used to expand the Getting Started with DB2 Express-C book with new chapters covering application development topics. Making slide notes available are also in plan so the material can be used to teach to others. Something I learned while in Indonesia, is that it's the 4th most populated country in the world with 280 million people!. No wonder Binus can teach DB2 to 500+ students in one semester!
In Thailand (picture on the left) I held two sessions to 31 teachers from 10 universities. Several teachers were very interested in the pureXML unit, and planned to incorporate it in his/her courses. Both in Vietnam and Thailand there were sessions held on Saturday and Sunday to fit professor's schedules.

Next stop: India!

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