Sunday, September 28, 2008

“Search for the XML Superstar” contest

You may have heard about this contest in my DB2 on Campus presentations in China, ASEAN, and India. The “Search for the XML Superstar” contest is now a reality in Turkey, Lithuania, China, India and ASEAN. In India it is used as the theme of this year's TGMC contest ( In ASEAN they have announced the contest recently (, and in China, the contest is now running for a few months ( But rather than checking out each of these web sites individually, you can log on to and choose the country of your choice. The site will be live this October 1st, when the International DB2 User Group (IDUG) officially announces the “Search for the XML Superstar” contest in the United States.

As I've been saying in my presentations, XML is the foundation for many of the technologies of the present and future. It is shaping the way data is stored, exchanged, analyzed, transferred and processed. Participate in this contest and become the XML superstar!.

Note that the contest has several categories, so even if you are an XML or DB2 novice, you can participate!. The five categories are: XML application programming, ported applications, database gadgets, videos and query challenge. Contestants will participate in a combination of education, exposure to practical applications and “tests” that will validate understanding and ability to program IBM database technologies. Entries will be judged by an independent panel of DB2 professionals.

In terms of prizes, you could receive an all-expense paid trip to an IDUG conference, a Segway i2 personal transport system, a new laptop, an iPod, a Sony PlayStation 3 or a Nintendo Wii system!. For students you may also win opportunities for interviews and IBM lab visits.

Participate and be the XML superstar!


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