Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DB2 on Campus - Bulgaria

From Oct 27 to Oct 31 I visited universities in Bulgaria in three cities: Sofia, Ruse and Varna taking me across Bulgaria by car (700+ Km). Close to 165 students and teachers attended the presentations. In Pyce (written in cyrillic) or Ruse/Rousse (written in our regular alphabet) the local media took some pictures of the event, and I was later told we appeared also on the local news on TV! In addition to raising awareness for DB2 Express-C, IBM Data Studio, and Rational Data Architect, I was able to meet with Juan Pablo Napoli (IBM Bulgaria) to discuss several projects we had in mind for a while. Juan Pablo will be teaching in the Master's program at the University of Sophia (SSME Master's program sponsored by IBM), and is also leading a student group to develop some systems for the DB2 on Campus Portal. In addition, during the visits we found 5 volunteer students who will help translate the "Getting started with DB2 Express-C" book from English to Bulgarian. My visits were also used as an opportunity to talk about the "Search for the XML superstar" contest to be organized in Bulgaria in the next few months. The picture below shows the moment I was talking about the contest at the presentation in Pyce.


Juan Pablo Napoli said...

Raul, was great to meet you, you energy was contagious and now everyone wants to learn about DB2 in the country.
Thanks for selecting us.
Juan Pablo Napoli
IBM Bulgaria

Gergana said...

Great job, Raul!!

I'm so so proud of you guys -- you are making such a difference for our Bulgarian students :):)

Smiles from shiny Arizona :)

- Gergana

bathmate said...

nice posting....i like it...it is really helpful to all...Thanks for selecting us.
Juan Pablo Napoli