Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DB2 on Campus 2008 Tour results

With more than 100 universities in 13 countries visited, the DB2 on Campus tour ended successfully this November 8th. Close to 7,000 student and teachers were reached, and since July 2006, that makes it close to 27,000 attendees!. This year we focused on faculty meetings and faculty training in addition to student presentations. More than 1500 DVDs (DB2 on Campus DVD, Discovery Kit/Gaming DVDs) were distributed during the visits.

Volunteers (students, teachers and IBMers) across the world helped with the translation of the "Getting Started with DB2 Express-C" book. The following translations were finished and published (Thank you volunteers from the community!!!):
Portuguese (Brazil)
Simplified Chinese

The following translations are still on the works:
Bahasa Indonesia
Portuguese (Portugal)

Bringing a translated version of the book during the DB2 on Campus visits makes a lot of difference!

For 2009 the plan is to develop more books, videos and presentations that can be translated by the community. The books will include non-IBMers as co-authors in some cases. Other projects are also on the works with professors/students/IBM ambassadors from different universities.

Agatha Colangelo from the IBM Toronto Lab (Information Development Team) is providing incredible support to the program. She is arranging visits to universities in Canada, as well as helping with translations, and administration of DB2 Student Ambassadors/User groups. Juan Pablo Napoli from IBM Bulgaria is helping develop systems for better administration of DB2 on Campus program efforts.

If you would like to help with book/video translations, developing new books (For example RoR and DB2, .Net and DB2, DB2 with WAS-CE and Eclipse), please contact us at

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