Thursday, November 20, 2008

DB2 on Campus - Turkey

The DB2 on Campus tour in Turkey started on November 3rd. Nine universities were visited in 4 days!. Though the schedule was grueling (almost 18 presentations!) it was good to meet with faculty and students from the universities in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. During the presentations, we also talked about the "Search for the XML superstar" contest (which in Turkey is part of their TGMC - The Great Mind Challenge). More than 400 students and teachers attended the presentations. The picture below is from Istanbul Technical University.

In the DB2 on Campus presentations, we spend the last 20 minutes giving tips to students about improving their career prospectives. One of the tips is to "network, network, network". Interestingly, a real-life example of the importance of networking was from my colleague Engin from IBM Turkey. Engin is a recent graduate and new employee of IBM. He accompanied me to the different university visits, and also told the students his story about how he joined IBM:

"In 2006, I was in the Student Committee for Industrial Engineering Student Society . I went to Ankara to attend a presentation from Mr. Eray Yuksek (IBM Turk, Country Manager). After the presentation, I approached Mr. Yuksek and asked him to visit my university to deliver the same presentation. I also emailed Mr. Yuksek and Mrs. Akyel (IBM Turk University Relations Leader) a few times so they would not forget about coming to my university. In 2007 Mrs. Akyel and in 2008 Mr. Yuksek indeed visited us!. What is more interesting is that Mr. Yuksek told me after the presentation to send my resume (a.k.a CV) to IBM. After a few months, I got a mail from Mrs. Akyel, then I was hired!"

So for Engin, networking paid off!. Becoming a DB2 Student Ambassador is another way of networking, and it has also paid off to other students, as I described in this previous post.

In the picture below at Ege university in Izmir, Engin is the 3rd one counting from the left.

Cheers, Raul.

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