Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SONDAGGIO/SURVEY: Sì/No? Do you like the parallel text of the Italian translation of "Getting Started with DB2 Express-C"?

The Italian translation of the Getting Started with DB2 Express-C book (Iniziare a Usare DB2 Express-C) can now be downloaded from this site:

This translation is different from the other translations of the Getting Started with DB2 Express-C books in that it is a parallel text book that contains both the English and Italian text. This is a pilot for Italy only, to allow students to easily refer to the English text for clarification. If we find that students like the parallel text format, we will recommend that future translations/revisions of this and other Getting Started with DB2 Express-C books follow this format. Therefore, let us know if you like this format, and if you find it useful, by adding a comment to this post or sending us an email at: db2univ@ca.ibm.com

We, the translators listed below and I, are continuing to improve the translation. Feel free to also send us your comments, questions or suggestions about the translation or about the contents of the book, in either English or Italian, again by adding a comment to this post or by sending us an e-mail at: db2univ@ca.ibm.com

Italian translators from the Polytechnic of Turin:
  • Sergio Matone, DB2 Student Ambassador
  • Andrea Pignatiello
  • Edoardo Radica
  • Paolo Doz
  • Fabrizio Garetto
  • Antonio Vetrò
  • Rocco Ruberti

    Sergio Matone, his university friends listed above, and I worked many hours on the translation of this book. I hope it will help Italian students more easily learn DB2 and encourage some of them to become DB2 Student Ambassadors themselves, or even to get certified on DB2.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Your response is much appreciated!

    Ciao! Agatha Colangelo
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    MinWei said...

    Yes,I think this is cool.For one thing,we can improve our English while we are studying DB2,and for the other thing,there may be some mistakes made during the translation.So,if I think something wrong,I can refer to the original books.And this can be useful.It saves time when we track the sentence in this edition to the original one.So,this is great and do it ,pls.