Monday, December 29, 2008

DB2 Express-C on Mac OS X

I cannot remember how many times I've been asked the question "Does DB2 Express-C run on the Mac?". I recall in my trip to Portugal a few months ago, many students and teachers using the Mac. I'm happy I can now answer "Yes" to that question. As of December 23rd, 2008 IBM has released a beta version of DB2 Express-C 9.5.2 for the Mac OS X Leopard 64-bit (Intel)!!! You can download it here. This beta release will no doubt be of interest to developers, particularly those who use scripting languages like Ruby, Python and PHP. These communities are in fact, increasingly embracing Mac OS X as their operating system of choice. For more information, check out this blog from my colleague Antonio Cangiano.

Happy holidays!


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