Friday, June 26, 2009

DB2 on Campus Tour - Phillipines

After 5 university visits in Manila, and Cebu, the DB2 on Campus tour in the Phillipines ended today. We reached almost 800 students and teachers in 1 week with very good feedback. At UC (University of Cebu - Main campus) the attendance was close to 300 people (this is the second largest attendance in one single event I've ever had, the first one was in China with 330 people approx). According to Jun Contreras (IBM Phillipines), there would've been even more visits and attendance (maybe 2000 to 3000) should the H1N1 (swine flu) scare had not disrupted classes in some universities. I may be returning in September to deliver a TTT (teach the teachers) 2-day workshop. Next stop: Thailand.

Cheers, Raul.


cobolimsdbdc said...

I was there at your DB2 On Campus Tour Manila (venue Asia Pacific College). It's great to hear from an IBM insider like you about an IBM product. I only knew DB2 as the
mainframe database that supersedes IMS DB (DL/1 database), the first generation IBM DBMS that is very much alive and kicking. I only knew SPUFI, QMF and COBOL to access DB2. After your presentation, I now know DB2 as a real universal database that runs across different platforms from PCs to mainframes and beyond (?).

Currently, I'm no longer an IT practitioner that I used to be for so many years. I'm into mainframe training at the Asia Pacific College. I may not be able to benefit most from your DB2 Express-C but I'm still curious on how mainframe DB2 can be extended for
training to reach the young IT generation. I hope you'll be able to come back to Manila in September for the TTT (teach the teachers). By the way, Asia Pacific College as an IBM partner has ready access to a system z and DB2 on the mainframe is one of our core offerings.

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Raul F. Chong said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment. There is a program for DB2 on z/OS for universities. I can put you in contact with the person that runs it. Please send me an email to my work account.

Cheers, Raul.