Friday, June 26, 2009

My prediction

While celebrating the DB2 on Campus 3rd birthday, I remember predicting the future of MySQL in one of my presentations. It all happened during my first DB2 on Campus tour in Brazil; I recall being asked why students should choose DB2 Express-C instead of MySQL. At that time, I replied saying that DB2's performance, scalability and support for stored procedures made DB2 Express-C a superior product. I also mentioned that with DB2 Express-C your career would be 'safe' because IBM invests and will keep investing in DB2 Express-C given that DB2 Express-C is the core of the other DB2 editions, and the fact that DB2 is used as the database for many other IBM products. On the other hand, I said
"...with MySQL being open source, its future is not that certain. So investing your time an effort to become a MySQL expert may not pay off in the long run because maybe a company like Oracle would buy it, and then kill it".

Three years after this "prediction", we find that Sun bought MySQL, and then Oracle bought Sun, which made MySQL an Oracle product. I wish I could predict the lottery numbers like this =).

Moreover, this is an interesting article about how Oracle killed a company it bought (Virtual Iron) just 5 weeks after completing its acquisition.

It's time to try DB2 Express-C! Download the newest version, DB2 Express-C 9.7!


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