Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DB2 on Campus in ASEAN and South America

The past few months I've been travelling at a very heave pace, going last July from ASEAN, to North America, then South America, back to ASEAN (Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines & Vietnam), and now finally home in Canada. It has been a very busy time promoting DB2 not only to universities, but also delivering webinars, visiting a few business partners, IBMers, and several customers around the world. The jet lag has been quite a nightmare, and my body cannot yet distinguish between day time and night time... Nonetheless, the results in some countries have been outstanding. In the Philippines for example, I was able to reach almost 3000 students in 1 week. I probably had the three largest audiences I've ever had since the DB2 on Campus program started: 1200, 1000, 800 approximately. The local organizer in the Philippines (Jun Contreras), timed my visit with huge university events: JPCS (Junior Philippines Computer Society) and Y4IT (Youth for IT). Larger crowds though, are tough to entertain for more than 1 hour, but I did carry a few souvenirs I threw to the audience for good answers to questions. The picture in this blog is for the JPCS event.

In Singapore I delivered a seminar at NUS (National University of Singapore) which was recorded here: http://bit.ly/T82C6 (I'm not sure for how long they will host it, but I'm asking them to send me the video in mp4 so I can upload it to channeldb2.com if possible).

In Mexico, Brazil and Peru, I visited several customers providing a 2.5 hour overview of DB2 9.7. In Brazil I also visited a partner (Data Access), and because of my visit, I was invited to deliver a webinar (in Spanish) to their developer audience. See the Webinar abstract. The replay can be found here.

In Indonesia, Binus university is in its second year teaching DB2 as part of their curriculum using DB2 on Campus material. Last year they reached about 300 students, and this year maybe 500. In addition, a colleague of mine is working on an internship program to bring students from Binus to the Toronto lab for a 16 month internship. If it happens, it would start in May of 2010.

In Vietnam as usual, I had a busy schedule, but several universities are teaching now DB2 thanks to our support.

For November, I have another webinar in plan, this time hosted by developerWorks, and also another seminar at the IBM Innovation Center in Toronto (Markham), and am planning a DB2 on Campus tour in Canada, probably for February.

In addition, I'm working with IBMers, teachers, students and professionals around the world to deliver by the end of the year a bunch of free e-books on different technologies. More about this in December!

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Cheers, Raul.

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