Thursday, October 15, 2009

Story of two DB2 Student Ambassadors

Today the story of two DB2 Student Ambassadors in India has been published online in the Data Management Magazine. I'm very happy these two student ambassadors have been recognized by the IBM Information Champions program. I still recall how these two students became ambassadors. Early in 2008, I received an email from them inquiring about the DB2 on Campus program. At the time I had not visited India, so they showed initiative just by getting in touch with me. As time went on, the two students showed a lot of passion for DB2, and with a lot of enthusiasm, they started organizing events about DB2; therefore they were named DB2 Student Ambassadors, and established a DB2 User Group in their university. I was going to attend the inaguration ceremony, but on short notice, the mayor of the city decided to declare a holiday the day of my visit, which meant it would've been hard for students to use public transportation. Nonetheless, I spoke with Raghuveer/Pradeep on the phone, and congratulated them for their efforts. We also nominated them to the IBM Information Champions program, and I'm glad they were selected. Congratulations again to Raghuveer and Pradeep!


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