Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learn DB2 with a free online course and get a free DB2 Certification voucher!

This September I will be giving away 25 free IBM certification vouchers to take any DB2 certification exam at any time, anywhere in the world where there is a testing center such as Prometric.

If you already passed Exam 730, this could be an opportunity for you to take Exam 731 for free (for example), or you can choose any other exam.

In order to get the voucher, you will be asked to take a free online DB2 basic course titled "DB2 Essential Training I" that will be available to take at any time starting on September 13th, 2010.

If you have already passed Exam 730, the course may not be hard for you. It is based on the free e-book "Getting started with DB2 Express-C". It has 5 lessons which you can finish in one day or weekend. There will be one short assignment, one live review session with me for feedback (Web-based), and then a test.

If you are interested, please reply before Sep 1st, 2010 to db2univ at email with this information:

- Email
- Firstname
- Lastname
- Country

Use "Free certification voucher" as the title of your email for easy identification.

Once you send me this information, I will be providing you with a userID/password, and more instructions.

Cheers, Raul.

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Prabhakar said...

Hello Raul,

This is Prabhakar. Currently, I am pursuing my Please let me know about the free IBM tools(like DB2) online courses in future.

You can mail me at

Thank you.