Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just imagine...

About two weeks ago, launched a Hadoop Programming Challenge with the opportunity to give 3 students a free trip to Las Vegas (all travel expenses paid!) and participate in the Information on Demand (IOD) conference.  Students completing the Hadoop Fundamentals I course would be given the details of the challenge.  If you click on the "Participants" link in the course, you will see (as of today) that there are about 1000 people registered in the course.  That means 3 out of 1000 would be traveling to Las Vegas...  That is not a bad ratio, but if you think about it, it is very likely not all registered students will complete the course.  Say 300 (30%) complete it.  This means 3 out of 300 would make it to Vegas!... but wait gets better.  Those who complete the course receive the details of the programming challenge. The challenge requires you to write some code.  My guesstimate is that maybe 30 students (10% of 300) will actually submit their program... So now we have 3 out of 30 flying to Vegas!.  Now, in my experience judging submissions for other challenges, out of those 30, some submissions will be incomplete or disqualified, some would be too simple...  So say 50% are like that....that means 3 out of 15 (or 1 in 5) could be in Vegas this October!

Now remember: This is not a lottery, this is a challenge; therefore you have a say on the outcome. If you put the effort and are creative we can see you at IOD!...moreover, you may network with executives from many companies including IBM and that may open the door to more opportunities!

Now that would be a good reason for participating...

Just imagine!

P.S: Yes, this post will make more people think about participating, but in my opinion, the ratio would still be very good!...I don't think 10000 people would be participating as the submission deadline is this September 30th!

Good luck! Raul.